Leigh Woods, new single by LOOR

Former alt-J bassist Gwil Sainsbury Launches LOOR Project and his new single

The musician left alt-J in 2014 and built something totally different from the ground up.

“LOOR represents the culmination of these efforts. It’s about the connection between the personal and the technical, moving between experimental dance music and sonorous, atmospheric songwriting. Reminiscent of Floating Points recent work, ‘Leigh Woods’ comes equipped with an incredible video, utilising 3D animation and the latest developments in machine learning. A remarkable video (..)” (Clash Music Magazine)

“This project is truly a labor of love and has been one year in motion. It is inspired by the Leigh Woods ancient woodland in Bristol and really pushes the creative integration of machine learning with the 3D animation and the psychedelic experience (..)” (Datagrama Visuals)

Loor’s debut EP “Nightland” will arrive on the 22nd of November and his first gig will be at London’s Shacklewell Arms on the 25th of November.

Nightland will be Sainsbury’s first new music EP since leaving alt-J in 2014.

LOOR is a Cornish word for the moon deity

“Having grown up in the landscapes of Cornwall, I was drawn to the artist name LOOR- a Cornish word for the moon/ praise/ deity. It is this animist worldview that informs the language of my music and visuals. Blending dark, atmospheric landscapes with experimental dance music- LOOR is a journey into alternative electronic worlds.

I currently live in Bristol. Leigh Woods – the ancient woodland in south-west Bristol- has been a place that has left a lasting impression on me. Originally, i made a sketch of the music for a friend. He was making a playlist specifically for running through Leigh Woods. This then turned into the track “Leigh Woods” and the accompanying music video. The intention of the video was to form a narrative around inter-planetary migration taking place in the woodland. The video has been a long process with a very small budget. Everyone involved in its production has been incredible and I feel very lucky that it has come together with such stunning effects and visual coordination.” (Gwil Sainsbury)

Leigh Woods was created by a team of artists and experts:

Director – Theo W. Scott
Art Director – Theo W. Scott and Paul Trickett
Lead Compositor and 3D Artist – Paul Trickett
Compositor and 3D Artist – Nick Waterton
Machine Learning Special Fxs – Datagrama Visuals (special mention to Daniel Treiman)
Additional Set Design – Gary Pogue
Inspirational Source Artwork by Luis Tamar and Ferdiand Ladera
With thanks to Arcus Studios.

LOOR: https://www.instagram.com/loor.official/



Artificial intelligence ‘style transfer’ rendering – Datagrama http://www.instagram.com/datagrama_visuals/ http://www.datagramavisuals.com/

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