Balian – Bali’s Traditional Healer

A Glimpse into Balinese Culture and a Different Reality

Balian - Bali's Traditional Healer - The Artistation

Balians – real Balinese healers continue to use the ancient knowledge of their ancestors to treat people without expecting anything in return. I Gusti Mangku Sumantra is a traditional healer from the Gianyar region of Bali who has been healing people since the 1970s when his father passed away.

Bali has a long tradition of Bali Usada, also known as Balinese traditional healing. This practice uses natural herbs and the healing power of plants, holistic therapies and ancient wisdom to cure physical and mental illness.

The balinese have a way of getting in tune with the rhythms of nature and live equally in two worlds: the seen or conscious world called sekala, and the unseen or psychic world, called niskala. In traditional Balinese healing, both of these elements are addressed in order to truly heal an ill patient.

Balian - Bali's Traditional Healer - The ArtistationBalian represents a universe of healing and compassion, where the story unfolds though the eyes of a traditional healer who’s dedication to healing serves as a glimpse into the beautiful Balinese culture and their mysterious supernatural practices. The film explores dimensions of the sacred existence and evokes emotion within viewers by simply reminding them how important it is to tune in with their soul.

Observing and learning his Father’s wisdom as well as studying the ancient book of Usada, Balian I Gusti Mangku Sumantra  took the decision to carry on his Father’s responsibility once he passed away.  Written with a carving knife and made with a palm leaf from a lontar tree, the Bali Usada has gifted I Gusti Mangku Sumantra with the intuition and skills that were formed by his ancestors through a study of classic texts of healing (the uosadas). Honoring love and purity, I Gusti Mangku Sumantra heals and creates organically altered states of consciousness within those who enter his space with zero expectations of compensation. The techniques that I Gusti Mangku Sumantra uses both into his daily practices and the healing of others assist him in the navigation of the invisible world of spirits, and allows human beings to lead themselves and actively partake in a new and liberated way of living.

Balian – A great story presented beautifully by a nomadic filmmaker. Simplicity is magic.


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