samskaraSamskara is a modern digital art project which is totally new, a trend of immersive art what we call a digital environment. The project is a collaboration between renowned US digital artist Android Jones* and FullDome Lab. It’s a beautiful combination of artwork, the artist’s imagination, digital technology and projection technology, with panoramic mapping projection, fulldome and VR oculus projection. It also includes other modern art such as digital 3D printing, sculptures and painting digital artworks, composing materials like gold, silver and other composing material given in an amazing way to light up art. (samskara.pro)

Thanks to Boom Festival 2016 we were able to see this amazing project in the Museum of Visionary Art. Boom Festival was, just as expected, the most inspiring journey of the year: a celebration of our culture where you could meet your dreams, your friends, your favorite artists, where you could see incredible performances or technologies, , innovations in art. We are grateful for that. The number of artists, musicians, speakers, teachers, dancers, friends & families was somewhere around 43.000 people all together.

boom-festival-2016-fulldome-proFulldome.Pro went to Boom with the Mova Gallery: 10 meter immersive art dome, Luminokaya – The Vedic Universe (worldwide premiere) and Samskara – presented by Android Jones and 360*Art. Oh man, we are happy we saw it! A revelation in the art world with incredibly sophisticated artworks from worldwide talents and the full audio-visual journey. This is the type of art that you should definitely not miss if it ever comes somewhere near you. Not only it is new, (well relatively new – #‎Samskara debuted in Europe in 2015 with an honorable mention at the Immersive Film Festival in Espinho, Portugal) but it is something that you’ve probably never experienced before. To bring Android’s stunning images to the dome animators gave depth to his two-dimensional artwork and combined it with sacred geometry, to create a kaleidoscope of imagery never seen before. Warning for kids: the experience is so powerful that you might end up dizzy after the 15 min show. And yes, we had to queue but it was most definitely worth it! Another world unfolds in front of you, the paintings come to life and you will travel inside them..

There are no better words to describe it other than the ones by the creators themselves:

Samksara is a combination  between digital technology and modern design. It’s an absolutely unique approach and of course the spiritual meaning of Samskara is a journey beyond the mind and imagination which is limited to mundane experience.(…) Samskara is not religious but, it’s an absolutely spiritual experience of a new type which provides somebody with an opportunity to be. Where a lot of powerful images and symbols are beyond self-judgments – this is what it’s all about. (…)

The great part of Samskara is that it’s open to interpretation. Of course with someone like Andrew Jones*, a great visionary artist who has the internal feelings of the world, the universe, consciousness, colors and forms, a person who probably realizes this project’s present potential. So we know that Andrew has a lot of subjective feelings and subjective experience himself. That is a very interesting point because we want to see reality in the eyes of somebody who has deep vision or more fine vision. It doesn’t limit us to be able to see, it’s helping us to see – this person is pointing to our attention particular subjects and feelings and things.

“I have seen things in this life that I am incapable of translating into words. In my practice I have visited realms where the imagination ends, and the terrifying beauty of infinity unfolds over and over again.” (Android Jones)

*Andrew “Android” Jones is one of the world’s leading digital fantasy artists. His style is self described as “electro-mineralism” and his subjects are often on a spiritual or shamanistic in nature.

Fulldome Show

As a new media format, fulldome theater provides a multitude of possibilities for art and creative people. The dome screen is used as a canvas to surround and immerse the audience in the artwork.

Photography by Gilles Bonugli Kali

No longer constrained by a traditional frame or screen, artwork can fully engage the audience, capture the people’s attention, promote better understanding of the content and even awaken deeper feelings. Digital exhibits are animated and presented in fulldome format, so that the visitors are led from one art work to another, from smaller elements to prominent new imagery.

Professional surround sound completes the experience of total immersion. Fulldome.pro has made this technology affordable and mobile so that it is available for artists to bring their works to the public at festivals and other temporary installations.

“You know, in the past everyone’s been able to view the different paintings but with the fulldome its like the first time, it’s almost as if the people can now travel inside the paintings.”

Source: samskara.pro

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SAMSKARA web site – http://samskara.pro/
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Gilles Bonugli Kali Photography http://gbk.photos


  1. Please come to Australia!!! Byron Bay and Rainbow serpent festival, Subsonic Festival, ~burning seed.

    Please release this on DVD. So i can show the whole entire world through my Heart.

    Android’s images are straight from my dreams and he uses the colours of my imagination. I have never seen my dreams in this 3rd dimension reality before!! Super Hyped & I would be honoured to share and help spread this message to all in my direct contact….


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