The Art Of Looking At Ourselves – Introduction To Context Oriented Arts

Context Oriented Arts / COT is an approach to theatre that invites the actor and the audience to take the risk of falling awake to the miracle of being alive.

Through dynamic and creative reflective practices participants will go on a journey of discovery of who they really are. On the third day they will create a sensory journey for invited friends and relatives to also encounter this miracle that is always present.

The workshop will be facilitated by Iwan Brioc, originator of Context Oriented Theatre and internationally renowned theatre innovator; and Monica Sandulescu, actress and experienced labyrinth theatre performer, as his assistant. 

12696955_975456269157166_302648734108014128_oIt takes place 17-19 March 2016 at Synkoop, Venediger Au 4, Vienna. /Entrance from Arnezhoferstraße./

Participants must dedicate 3 full days to the practice in favor of the common atmosphere. Drop-in participation is not possible. The workshop starts every day at 10AM and finishes by 6PM. On Sunday, the final performance part will start at 7PM. Tickets can be ordered through their website, on phone or via email. They also sell gift cards, if anyone is looking for a cool birthday present 😉

Workshop will be held in english.

There are only a maximum 30 places for this unique experience! And they are also looking to form a team of initiated people for developing further projects.

The event is organised by The Republic of the Imagination in co-operation with VioLuk Contemporary and LAMA.

You can book it here:

For further information about accommodation, transport, payment or anything else please contact:

Follow the FB event link here.

12705426_1114625345255189_5239265582063561770_nIwan Brioc is director of research and practice at The Republic of the Imagination, an intercultural network that explores the possibilities of Context Oriented Theatre. Context Oriented Theatre is a new approach to applied theatre that Iwan has developed through 20 years of working in the field. It employs conventional and non-conventional applied theatre methods to invite consciousness of the context rather than the content of experience; that which is experiencing rather than that which is experienced.

Iwan is also Artistic Director of Theatr Cynefin (est. 2000), a UK based platform for community activism through theatre. The activism takes on political, social, psychological or spiritual form, according to circumstance, and is always in the direction of greater awareness and freedom.

Iwan won a Creative Wales Award in 2006 for his work with Sensory Labyrinth Community Theatre, a new methodology which he is developing, inspired by the work of Theatre Anthropologist Enrique Vargas. This is after creating over 20 Labyrinth performances with Cynefin. All of which have had a profound impact on audiences and communities in Wales, Portugal, Ireland, Denmark, Bulgaria, Venezuela, Hungary and Italy.



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