Dan Catt AkA – Curiosity and the Catt

Dan Catt is an emerging artist coming from the UK. He has studied Fine Arts at Canterbury Christ Church University and is currently working as an independent artist.

Above the clouds, up on Mount Olympus in a place where you can feel the presence of Gods, Dan seeks his inspiration. He is one of those kind, wise and passionate artists that you immediately fall in love with. He is a soul seeker and it wasn’t random to meet him exactly here. From this level you can’t see where the sky begins or where the sea ends. There are no borders to the soul, no limits to imagination. We are transforming with every experience and you can see this in his art. It’s warm, fluid, and empowering, it fees like he paints deep secrets of the universe that need to get out there.


“I’m a curious explorer constantly looking for new ways to conjure my creativity. Personally I describe my work as “fusion art”, the combination of everything creative mixed together to become one … My method is symbolic to the universe and the link between all matter and consciousness. We are united consciously through our emotions and physically all the way down to our molecules. My work, through whichever method feels right at that specific moment, is an attempt at symbolizing a personal message to the viewer – thus generating an emotional response, satisfying our natural curiosity and showing us all that the more we look the more we see.”


‘Enótita’ (unity in greek) – A vision of unison, two worlds, two forms and two textures bonding together with the message that everything is one and everything becomes something – things may be different now but sooner or later they will change and become familiar; and what seems the same now will soon change to become completely different.. We are in control of the changes and what they become, positive or negative is down to what we want – remember our dreams and thoughts are possibilities that are very real – we just have to want them with everything we have in our hearts.


“To Live” – Pencil sketch plan for a painting. “My aim with this piece is to communicate what we as humans go through throughout our lives, the emotional, physical baggage and experiences we pick up along the way… and the affect it has on our human spirit.

“To Live”

What you can see is a man, crouching down with a large structure on his back, the structure is part of him just as our experiences and baggage are a part of us, the structure spirals round representing the flowing changes we experience and the patterns we sometime fall into whilst on our journey. In the middle is a canvas sheet stretch out with the Chinese symbol for life painted on it. The human figure, with tattoos of birds on his arm represents the human spirit. As we all know the burdens we carry with us often feel like they are pushing us down similar to a heavy weight on our backs, this can sometimes dampen our spirit and cause us to feel trapped or stressed. If you notice, with one foot he is pushing back up, symbolizing that we must remember that we have power over our spirit and the burdens we carry, we have the power and strength to push back, we should always try to remember to spend time dealing with our past, remembering to shed the burden and push back every now and then.

The tree, which will have blue flames represents the energy of peace and calm, its always there burning away we just have to remember to take time to feel its warmth.”


A few more pictures of Dan’s work outside the usual canvas:

Bodypainting by Dan Catt




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