Aspect Photography Matt NoEnbridge
Aspect Photography Matt NoEnbridge
A soul pirate and a dreamer. Asaya is definitely one of our favorite performers, she is a goddess with an amazing energy on stage and a very cheeky smile. She comes from Canada and she has been traveling, performing and teaching the art of hula hoop around the world.

You know what they say.. there is always some hula hoop girl showing up at the party, but watch out for the best ones for you’d be surprise of the differences. It takes a lot of talent, skills and motivation to be on this line-up.

With this article we want you to open your appetite for great hooping and amazing performers. So watch this space … there are many incredibly skilled performers out there and inspiring people that you should know about.

Asaya Heart Journey: “Flowing with intuition  where the wind leads me.. ”

Check the videos below. xx




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