WIFE: The Grey Ones

WIFE is dance interacting with original projected animations, music, light, and costumes.  She has been seen at LACE, Pieter, The El Portal Theatre, Dripped, and as part of the Bootleg Dance Festival 2011.  WIFE’s “The Grey Ones” was presented at the Long Beach TEDx SoCal event. The recording of that performance also appeared on the The Creators Project. She was born of three Los Angeles based artists Kristen Leahy, Nina McNeely, and Jasmine Albuquerque.

As described by the authors:

She will only be seen in the dark.
She is a magician of picture and light.
She exists in many dimensions.
She is visceral contemporary dance.
She is studying the subtleties of your behavior.
She is eternally bound to archetype, myth, lore, alchemy, and dreams.
She is metamorphosis.
She is the daughter of Jim Henson, Chris Cunningham, Akira Kurosawa, Kathy Rose, Wendy Carlos, Yayoi Kusama, Planningtorock, Aleister Crowley, her friends, and you.


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