Tripoteca Teaser 2015: Prepare to step out of your body and into deep space. 

TRIPOTECA itinerant psychedelic flm & art festival THIRD EDITION has finally teleported from the depths of proto-existence! 70 short films + art from 28 countries that will make your brain melt and your soul grow!

Some dates around the world already been set: February (Toulouse, St. Etienne); April (Sofia, Veliko Tarnovo); May (Thessaloniki). More details and other dates to come including Bucharest, Ghent, Paris, London and much more!

Tripoteca is the only itinerant international psychedelic film and art festival – that focuses around metaphysical matters, the expansion of consciousness and abstract aesthetics. The festival toured in many places across Europe and a bit in the US. Currently the event is at its third edition. The line-up consists primarily of short films, animations and music videos, an exhibition of digital art and video installations – all from around the Globe and beyond space and time.

You can check in the video section of the website for a list of trailers and films presented along the years. You will find many goodies:

The festival was born in 2012 in Bucharest and is totally independent (except for a few collaborations with other festivals and small help from a couple of our partner associations), constantly on the road, surviving from one show to the next. The event is mainly run by a (loving) couple of artists who became bohemian just to be able to keep up with the rhythm of events every month (and cutting living expenses obviously helps to invest more in the event). Of course, in every city there’s a few local dear friends who volunteer to help Tripoteca happen.

Tripoteca usually happens in two nights (with exceptions of one and three) and releases its mind-bending energy waves around cinemas, art galleries and other alternative venues to fill the gap of urban psychedelic event culture, but can never forget nature’s calling and gladly spreads its magic in outdoor festivals as well.

The name Tripoteca comes from “Trip” + the extension “teca”, which means a collection of trips. Its main goal is to provide an intense internal experience, from representation of dream-states and out-of-body experiences to observations regarding the pattern based nature of the Universe.

The festival promotes the enhancement of the ability to naturally induce a psychedelic state through the catalyst of art embedded with metaphysical layers that opens the mind’s eye. Fully engaging in this sort of visual trips tends to destroy the boundaries between awake reality, dreams and death.



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