Transylvania Calling Festival 2015 Art Program

Location: Transylvania / Romania

Deadline: 1 May 2015


Creativity is both the power of imagination combined with the power of love. Through the arts we can learn new forms or self-expression and fill our life with joy and laughter. Every year we get creative as we are connecting artists, working together with them and preparing our Opening Ceremony with everyone who wants to get involved. Also, we like to give all our participants the freedom to express themselves and be part of the ceremony, even if they are not artists. We are all dancers and we are all actors on the big stage called life. It is important for us to integrate participants in this way to have a better experience within our festival.

Performances are being held generally near the Main Stage or Chill-Out Stage. Performers gather to practice or prepare their shows, sometimes teaching and sharing their art and stories. There are many workshops and lectures concerning art/spiritual/educational/environmental activities and we invite you to get involved! Performers from all over the world come to mesmerize us with their talents and shows. Sometimes creatures come out of the forest to surprise us and make us smile; sometimes there is a magic show just about to happen. Circus shows, fire shows, flow arts, theatre, dance – just to name a few.



Performing Arts Application

*designed for performers, circus shows, fire shows, flow arts, theatre, dance and any other type of shows or workshops concerning performing arts should be submitted here.

Transcendence – Healing and Education Application

*designed for healers, therapies, workshops and lectures concerning spiritual/educational/environmental activities will be submitted here.

Visual Arts Application

*designed for visual artists and experts.


We encourage all artists to apply no matter if their performance or workshop doesn’t fit the description.

We love any forms of art, and we are excited to hear from you!



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