Kaminaya Artist Residence

Disciplines:  Drawing & Painting, Media Art, Sculpture

Location: Japan,  in a town of about 7000 people, located in central Tokushima Prefecture amid mountains and greenery.

Application Deadline: 28 Feb 2015

Outcome:  To produce at least of one piece of art and give a presentation about the work.

Duration:  August 20 – November 6, 2015

Creating “Global Kamiyama” is the main purpose behind the KAIR Project. Their hope is that the artists will produce works full of originality, influenced by the experience of spending time amidst the timeless nature of Kamiyama, deep in the Japanese countryside, and inspiration from interacting with the local people. Through the works created by the artists as they come into contact with the tangible and intangible ‘God’s Mountain’ (the meaning of ’Kamiyama’), they hope to be able to discover what impact ‘encounters with the unknown’ has upon the artists and the community itself.

Studio information: The KAIR will provide a studio at a school or other place for the artist.

Accommodation information:  KAIR will provide one apartment in a ferroconcrete tw-story row house approximately 60m2 with kitchen, shower, toilet and three tatami rooms. KAIR can host 3 artists at a time. If the Artist would like to be accompanied by any spouse, partners, assistants or children and so on, please be sure to consult with committee when you apply to the program.

Paid by artist:  The Artist must pay the expense for the transportation of goods or materials and travel insurance (for injury and sickness) for the duration of residence.

Paid by host:  One round-trip airfare up to 150,000 JPY for overseas residents and up to 75,000 JPY for domestic residents plus transportation from the airport to Kamiyama; living cost of 150,000 JPY during the period of stay for the Artist. (However, in case of late arrival to KAIR or early departure, the living allowance will be reduced in proportion.) KAIR will pay living costs such as electricity, gas, water, etc. and also provide necessary daily housekeeping items; as well as use of a car, scooter or bicycle

KAIR will provide a computer with high-speed internet access and a personal prepaid (up to 5,000 JPN.) mobile telephone for the artist.

+ material allowance up to 250,000 JPYs

read more about Application Guidelines and Criteria


Applications are required to submit the documents listed to applytokair@gmail.com by February 28th, 2015. Applicants are also asked to write required documents in either Japanese or English.

Applications can be downloaded here.

Other links:  http://www.in-kamiyama.jp/en/art/



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